VT 2018

Beginner: Novice: Intermediate:
Down On Your Uppers East To West 17 Hurts Like A Cha Cha
Chip And A Chair Sleepy Eyes Forget Me Not
La Culpa Tag On Melodia
Over The Moon Whiskey Tango

HT 2017

Beginner: Novice: Intermediate:
Come Back My Love Ice Cold Corona Slowly, Gently, Softly
The Most Beautiful Girl Could’ve Been The Whiskey The One you’re Waiting On
A Little Bit Lit I Will Follow Him Kissing Strangers
Tropical Depression  Lonely Drum Lady In Red
 Ride Away

VT 2017

Beginner: Novice: Intermediate:
A Quarter In My Pocket     2000px-youtube_icon-svg Lay Down & Dance Funky Love
Baby Vegas  Oops  Human After All
New Kids On The Block That Love Italiano
No I Don´t (Yes I Do) Vegas Baby! Pieces
Singalong Song

HT 2016

Beginner: Novice: Intermediate:
Pretty Flower Girl So Just Dance Dance Dance Corazon Diamante
Kezo Coming Home To Stay Feel Good
Bring On The Good Times Gypsy Queen I Never Knew
Rain Tuesday Blues
Love Like Before
Cruising Backroads

VT 2016

Beginner: Novice: Intermediate:
Lipstick, Powder and Paint Locklin´s Bar Clichè Love song
Big Blue Tree  Promised Twist & Turns
Boy Girl Thing Patsy Fagan Second Hand Heart
The Peaceful Valley
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